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Block Paving Cleaning

When Bury JetWash clean block paving, we not only clean the surface of the blocks, we properly clean the joints between the blocks as well. During the pressure washing process, if a significant amount of muck is not removed from the joints, weeds will quickly start to re-establish themselves, this is always very frustrating for homeowners.

Block paved driveways and patios are not only vulnerable to significant weed growth, but also left unprotected the colour of the blocks will fade due to the effects of UV light. It is also recognised that regular pressure washing of block paved driveways and patio's will damage the surface of the paver and leave them requiring even more regular maintenance.

Bury JetWash always recommended sealing block paving once it is clean and dry. When block paving is protected by a professional grade block paving sealer it is protected from surface wear, loss of colour and staining. By helping the sand in between the blocks set solid, this will also reduce weeds in the joints.

Bury JetWash specialist block paving cleaning and sealing process is available to domestic and commercial property owners across much of the North West. Contact us now to arrange your FREE no obligation quotation either by calling us on 07794 539096 or 0161 3762166 (after 6 pm) or using our online enquiry form

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